Happy Deals

Praça Afrânio Peixoto
1000-009 Lisboa
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Happy Deals is a local company operating in Lisbon. Our business is rent a car for clients who need to travel around Portugal. We have alternatives to credit card. We accept cash and debit card for deposit and car rental payment. Pick up and drop off can be in the Airport of Lisbon or in the city centre. If you are looking for car hire without credit card you can stop your search. Please send us e-mail with your request. We will check our availability and offers.


A Happy Deals presta os seguintes serviços: Entrega e Recolhas.


A Happy Deals comercializa os seguintes tipos de produtos: Classe A, Classe B, Classe C.

NIF e Atividade da Empresa (CAE)

A Happy Deals tem NIF 513217070 e enquadra-se nas seguintes atividades: CAE 77110 - Aluguer de veículos automóveis ligeiros; CAE 79900 - Outros serviços de reservas e actividades relacionadas.

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