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Rua do Bairro 106, 4485-010 Aveleda, Portugal
4485-010 Aveleda

Based on the latest technology, LaserMaq provides highly reliable and accurate production of laser equipment. We manufacture and sell medical and industrial laser equipment and other laser machines. Our company makes the development and operation of the laser simple and faster. The laser production workflow is simple, fast and continuous. The laser system developed by LaserMaq will have a long service life, as we use high quality components. We develop, manufacture and market the industry and laser medical instruments and systems. The manufacture of our company's high-tech diode laser equipment depends mainly on customer orientation and technological advancement.


A Leser Maq presta os seguintes serviços: Laser Dermatologia.


A Leser Maq comercializa os seguintes tipos de produtos: Maquina Laser.


A Leser Maq trabalha com as seguintes marcas: Equipamento Laser.

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