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2680-183 Camarate

About Us
Levo e Trago International Removals and Transports is a family business. With the office in London and Portugal we can collect your goods with fast turnaround and delivery them fast.
We operate with all private and industrial clients. Our main goal is the time and attention to all your goods and make sure they are correctly protected to arrive on time and with the expected conditions. We have more than 10 years experience on the market.

For any inquiries, please fill in the form at the homepage and we will give you a competitive price.

Our full services including removals and transports are:

Removals and Transport of goods
Local, National & International
Door to door services
Storage available
We Transport: Motorcycles, Boxes, Bicycles, Car & Home Content
Single or Full Load
Handyman Services
International Transports
From/to: UK, Portugal (including Madeira & Azores), Cabo Verde, Guine Bissau and S T Principe. All Europe (Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, etc)


A Levo & Trago presta os seguintes serviços: Mudanças, Transportes e Mudanças, Logistica e Distribuição, Transporte Encomendas.


A Levo & Trago comercializa os seguintes tipos de produtos: Bens e Serviços.

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