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Speedmill is a company based in Marinha Grande, Portugal, which is exclusively dedicated to the integrated management of projects for moulds and plastic parts. Since 2001, we have been working in close collaboration with our clients and contributing significantly to the success of their projects.

We know that, for our clients, each project implies a large investment as well as a high level of involvement, which makes it fundamental to find an adequate partner, one that demonstrates the ability to manage its own interests in a professional and accurate way, guaranteeing that its project complies with all real time to market objectives.

Integrated Project Management
The integrated management of mould and plastic part design requires, on the one side, high technical skills, and, on the other side, a support network in the form of subcontracting that can meet all requirements. The systematization of the proceedings and good logistical coordination complete a circle of teamwork competing for the same goal: efficient completion and compliance with deadlines. That is the great added value of Speedmill and that is the attitude it adopts on the market.

Design and Engineering Project
Based on an idea or simply on a scratch, Speedmill is prepared to guarantee all support for developing the product and for associated mould engineering. In close partnership from the beginning, this development guarantees completion with better results, either in the characteristics of the final part, or in the use of raw material, or even in production times.
 Mould production
Whatever the specific technical requirements of the project, we are perfectly up to meeting production standards by using the most recent equipment and the most advanced technology. Whether we are talking about a large mould or a small and very technically accurate one, the best solutions are found with the support of our technicians, in a quality/deadline dichotomy.

Tests and quality control
No project can evade accurate quality controls on which we base our work. A close accompaniment, in the various phases of the projects, through measurements and physical tests, allows for adjustments to be made throughout the process, so that production is concluded during working hours, without prejudice to the final quality.
Production of plastic parts
For Speedmill the project does not necessarily end with the conclusion of the tool mould. We are prepared for finding the best production solutions for our clients, either for small or large series and always bearing the best deadline in mind.

In the scope of an integrated and complete service, we even guarantee all the necessary logistics, both for the dispatch of the mould for production at the client’s facilities, and for the packaging and the systematic delivery of plastic parts produced under our control.

Our capacity to manage a Project from the beginning to the end, with maximum accuracy and responsibility, with quality and with the best deadlines, is widely demonstrated by the companies with which we work and through our portfolio.

Speedmill has already given proof of this in markets as demanding as that of the automotive industry and electronics, household electrical appliances, packaging and houseware, amongst others. These are only some examples of the many successful projects.

NIF e Atividade da Empresa (CAE)

A Moldes Speedmill - Moldes de Portugal, Unip., Lda tem NIF 506368262 e desenvolve a sua atividade com o CAE 25734 - Fabricação de moldes metálicos.

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