Vicri - Riopele Fashion Solutions, S.A.

Avenida Riopele, 946
4770-405 Pousada de Saramagos

VICRI a successful story:
The Portuguese fashion brand, VICRI, was created 17 years ago. Initially a collection of ties and shirts, the brand evolved to create a complete look for the modern man with their distinctive lines of blazers, pants, shoes, knitwear and accessories.

VICRI is located in Pousada de Saramagos, Portugal, and is part of the Riopele Textile Group. VICRI’s headquarters and factory are part of the Group’s state of the art facilities.

Authentic Fashion
VICRI’s distinct style is cultivated through its use of rich colours, textures and patterns. Utilised in a daring balance of classic and bold elements, VICRI’s pieces inspire and challenge the imagination. Men who choose VICRI are creative and strong, and recognise quality fabrics and expert tailoring.

VICRI is the brand of choice for men in the public eye, both at home and abroad.

Creating Trends
With the same sense of imagination and sensitivity used to create art, VICRI has built an image of modernity and refinement, pushing the boundaries of fashion and individuality.

From Portugal to the World
VICRI has a solid presence in the domestic Portuguese market, Europe and beyond. The brand’s influence has been growing in a sustained progression.
There are two flagship VICRI stores in Porto, and the brand maintains a presence in selected department stores both in Portugal and abroad. With a growing reputation worldwide, VICRI has established itself as an internationally renowned men’s fashion brand.

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A Vicri - Riopele Fashion Solutions, S.A. tem NIF 509596452 e desenvolve a sua atividade com o CAE 14190 - Confecção de outros artigos e acessórios de vestuário.

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