Vitibor Led Lighting Co., Ltd.

Tenghuang Road No.28,Nanan District,Chongqing City,China
4000-061 Porto

About Us

VITI BOR LED Lighting Company is a production, design and sales of LED lighting company. Production design department is located in the, Donghuan Road Metro Industrial Park, Hengli Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, global market operations headquartered in 19th Building 15-3,Tenghuang Road No.28,Nanan District,Chongqing City,China. VITI BOR long-term focus on the information in the field of LED lighting production, development, design, market, operational management and other related industries, by virtue of the experience of years in the field of LED practice and hard work as well as the accumulation of information security services, VITI BOR have gradually grow and develop. Our products are also exported to overseas.

Our main products are LED outdoor lights, LED fountain lights, LED underwater Spotlights, LED landscape lights, LED embedded buried lights the the LED landscape Spotlights, LED embedded underwater lights, LED mini ceiling lamp, LED hotel lamps, LED tree lights, LED Bonsai lamp.

VITI BOR advocate "professional, pragmatic, efficient and innovative" spirit of enterprise, has a good internal mechanism. Excellent working environment and good incentives to attract a group of young, educated, enterprising spirit of the talent. High-quality, high-quality, high-level, high-efficiency talents VITI BOR protection in an invincible position in the fierce market.

The spirit of the brand

The endless pursuit of light and shadow and color, imagine the the endless true meaning of beauty.

Only supply quality products, establish the maximum value of the brand, and sustainable corporate mission.

Corporate Culture

1 customer first

Customer business oriented, customer business needs, proceed from the interests of customers, providing customers with the perfect application of information technology solutions.

2 respect for the individual

VITI BOR employees, regardless of rank, division of labor is different, and will be fully respected and treated equally. Companies to give employees the same opportunities, encourage employees and co-development, formulated with the company for staff development unison personal career development plan for the year.

3 encourages innovation

System development is the cause of an intellectual type, and provides challenging career development, encourage each employee to work creatively, give full play to the maximum value of the individual, and thus create the best work results.

 4 teamwork

Work, the company stressed that mutual respect, understanding and effective communication are created equal and harmonious atmosphere of cooperation "1+1> 2" effect.

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